Thursday 24 December 2009

Merry Christmas Everyone! (Rage Against The Machine Christmas No.1? Incredible!!!)

Best wishes to everyone for the festive period.  Here's to bulging landing nets for the New Year!

With the snow-melt predicted over the next couple of days it's seriously going to cool the waters down, making most species difficult to catch.  I'm hoping to fit in a grayling session and a chub session, but if it gets ever so slightly milder and the rivers don't colour up too much I might contemplate a pike session.  It's over a month now since I wet a line and I'm getting very itchy to do so!  I'll be paying close attention to the weather forecasts and EA rivercall messages to help me decide what I should target when.  ...Although I'll probably still get it wrong!

Before I can fit in any fishing, I'll be potentially risking life & limb for no good reason other than for a laugh, by entering the MATLOCK RAFT RACE on the River Derwent!  Had I thought about it earlier, I could have got sponspored for charity but as it stands I'm doing it for no-one's benefit, not even my own!  With the snow melting into the river it'll be a wee bit chilly on the extremeties, to put it politely.

Finally a quick word about the Christmas Nunber 1.  Rage Against The Machine have genuinely been one of my top 3 bands of all time, for a good few years now.  I'm staggered, elated, impressed that they got the Christmas number 1.  I think it was blown out of proportion as usual by the media and Rage seem to be lapping up the attention, but at last this hugely influential, groundbreaking band get some mainstream media attention.  They've backed various campaigns themselves in the past against political prisoners, oppressive governments and other political issues so there's a certain amount of irony that it was an internet campaign that got them a number 1!  To those who say "the song isn't very Christmassy" (of which there are many, it seems), how on earth is a cheesy re-hash of a song Hannah Montana sang in a film released in the Spring, about her supposed struggle against the odds at all Christmassy?  And as for those who feel sorry for the X-factor winner; surely the ones you should feel sorry for are previous Cowell show winners who undeservedly had a number 1 then vanished into abstraction?  At least this guy is at the start of his career, he has the chance to get many future number ones; who knows, he might even start his own campaign to beat next year's X-factor winner to top spot!  Rage's music has been around for almost 2 decades and it still sounds fresh and dangerous; surely this is more deserved of a number one than someone who's "struggled" and "climbed" for 12 weeks to be given a schmaltzy song to cover which has been cherry-picked to get him a guaranteed Christmas number 1?!!! 
"Killing..." is not my favourite Rage song, but as a number 1?  Hell, I'll take it!

Merry Christmas everyone!

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