Friday 21 October 2011

Ebro Article Part 1 - Alternative Ebro on FishingMagic Now! Zander, Roach & Carp

Part 1 of my writings about my recent trip to the River Ebro in Spain is now live on!

Alternative Ebro Part 1 Article on

You can see some of the "sneak peek" photos from my previous post in all their glory, such as this one:

Alternative Ebro Part 1 Article on

A slightly different version of this article should be featuring in December's Angling Star magazine too.

Keep an eye out for the concluding part 2, which details all of the catfish fishing we did, in the near future.  I'll be posting that link here as soon as it's live.

I hope you enjoy the article, please feel free to come back here and post any comments.  If you're a member of FishingMagic (if not, why not sign up?), then please post any comments or questions below the article, I'd be delighted to read & reply to them.


Saturday 8 October 2011

Catfish, Zander and Roach Fishing on the River Ebro at Riba Roja d'Ebre

So, you knew I was going, but how did I get on, over on the Ebro?  Well, I'm going to keep a little bit back for articles (which I'll post the links to as soon as they're online), but we had a brilliant week with Carl of Rio Ebro Angling and we did catch plenty of fish!  Although the catfish took a lot of convincing to feed though and the "Charlie Boorman" tactics were almost resorted to!  But, as with all the best stories, it all came good in the end...

Between us we caught 11 catfish, several zander and - in just one afternoon - over 50 quality roach to specimen proportions.  We fished for 6 days using baits & lures from boat & bank, so all in all there's a lot for me to write about! 

The related articles will be in two parts, the first covering the zander, roach and carp fishing and the second covering all things catfish-related.  The articles should be appearing in the December 2011 & January 2012 issues of Angling Star, with "director's cut" extended versions appearing on FishingMagic soon.  We also took a bit of video footage, including some underwater video, which I still need to edit together before putting it on my YouTube channel.  Once they're up I'll post the links on here. 

For now, below are a few "teaser" photos of the action and the fish, just to prove we didn't blank! ;)

One last thing, I happened to notice last week that the total visitors to this blog had topped 15,000 in less than two years, which I think is pretty good going considering I don't have anything even approaching profound to say!  Good work folks, I hope you enjoy what you see here.

You can find out further information about fishing the River Ebro at Riba Roja on the Riba Roja Tourism Agency website: