Monday 12 October 2015

Cat-Fish Kickstarter Project - Fly Fishing for Cats! Extravagant Fishing-Themed Cat Toy

When I saw this project on Kickstarter, I just has to share it:

It's called the "Cat-Fish" and it introduces the idea of "fly fishing" for your cat.  You have a mini fly rod & reel, castable fly line and hookless flies, which you cast out and try to lure your cat into taking the bait.  What a genuinely unique and brilliant idea! 

Practice your own fly casting skills at home, whilst exercising and entertaining your cat!

What better way to spend half an hour on a dark evening or a wet & windy day, than bonding with your cat and keeping your casting eye in by casting out a little teaser lure in the kitchen or down the stairs?!

I should probably add that I have absolutely nothing to do with this project (other than pledging to back it), but I love fishing and I also have cats who love to chase things.  This project won't happen unless they receive pledges for the total target value.  They only have a couple of weeks left to find backers, so if you'd like to own a Cat-Fish, or see it come to market, please visit the Cat-Fish Kickstarter page  and pledge to back it! 

Cat-Fish are also on Facebook here: