Saturday 10 April 2010

"The End of the Line" - Free DVD in The Sunday Times this Sunday

Are there people you know who have not yet seen "The End of the Line" yet but you think they should? Well they've come up with a clever way of helping you spread the word this weekend.  If you pick up a copy of The Sunday Times this Sunday (11th April) you will find a clever little voucher for The End of the Line DVD.  All you need to do is take that voucher to a Waitrose store and you will be given the DVD in exchange.  Nice and simple!  You can either keep it or give it to someone you want to see the film.

The End of the Line trailer on YouTube


  1. I have lost my copy of the paper and really want to get a copy of the DVD, anyone out there who wants to donate one to me?
    Would mean a lot,


    Carrie ;-)

  2. If you're that serious about getting the DVD you could always just BUY one!

    ...and get a "There aren't plenty of fish in the sea" T-Shirt while you're there. I've got one and they're quite a thought-provoking conversation starter