Monday 4 April 2011

The Most Popular Fishing Articles on - March 2010 through March 2011

I've now posted more than 40 articles to my fishing website, over the past six years!  This I find quite hard to believe, but this blog seems to have added to the popularity of my website, so as long as people keep reading 'em, I'll keep writing 'em! 

Now, because I may be a little short of fishing trips to write about in the near future (though I have a fly fishing trip to Errwood Reservoir at Buxton in thepipeline), I thought it would be interesting to check through Google Analytics, to see which of my articles have proven to be the most popular over the past year. 

The results were quite surprising.  My most popular article over the past 12 months, with over 6,500 views, is the one I wrote a few years ago about fishing the "Lift Method" for carp & tench. 

"Lift Method" Rig Diagram from
Top 20 Countdown

Okay, pop-pickers, here is the full run-down of the top 20 of my fishing articles, viewed over the last 12 months on voted for by you, the angling public!  ...Nod 'arf!
  1. Fishing the Lift Method for Carp & Tench
  2. Sturgeon Fishing on the Fraser River, BC, Canada
  3. Catching my first 3lb+ Perch (lure fishing)
  4. Fishing for my first double-figure Zander
  5. Barbel, Chub, Carp and Bream from the Trent
  6. Surface Fishing for Carp, inc. Grass Carp
  7. Pike Fishing on Ladybower Reservoir
  8. Catfish fishing at Willowcroft Fisheries, Cambridgeshire
  9. Travel Tackle Review - Part 1 (Quite out-dated now)
  10. Travel Tackle Review - Part 2 (Quite out-dated now)
  11. Pike Fishing on the Norfolk Broads
  12. Roach Fishing with Maggot Feeder (aiming for a 2lb+ specimen)
  13. Using "Chum" to attract Big Pike
  14. Himalayan Golden Mahseer Fishing in India
  15. Hunting a 3lb+ Perch
  16. Trotting for Grayling on the Derbyshire Derwent
  17. My first pair of 20lb+ Pike
  18. Canal Specimen Fishing
  19. Boat Fishing for Tope off the West coast of Scotland
  20. Travel Tackle Review - Part 3 (Quite out-dated now)

I was having a bit of a browse through Blogger the other day and stumbled across some quite astounding fishing-related artwork.  Check out some of these "flies" tied by someone with a huge amount of skill and an equally huge imagination:
These flies truly are works of art. 
They're not for catching fish, so they certainly don't count as "fishing flies" per se, but I'd suggest more "inspired by fishing flies".  Like some kind of post-modern robo-flies!  Very impressive indeed.

Finally, I have a few reviews coming up, which I haven't quite got round to finishing off yet, but at some point I'll find the time.  These include "Billy's Backbiter" pike fishing bite alarms, "Laserlure" crankbaits & jigs featuring flashing laser lights; both of which I've briefly mentioned before; and lastly, I shall also be reviewing a brilliant little innovation from King Of The Pond, which I've ever-so-slightly pestered them to release... Quick-Change Micro Swivels.  These allow you to fish with the benefits of a quick-change swivel, but when using lighter, finer tackle to target specimens of smaller species such as Roach & Perch, or when you need to fish fine to fool finicky Carp & Barbel.  They're a rare item of terminal tackle and they fill a definite gap in the market.  I'll be using these swivels in the vast majority of my rigs!