Wednesday 2 November 2011

Fair Play to Fox International Customer Service

I'm writing this post as a showing of gratitude to Fox customer services.  It's easy to criticise companies when they get it wrong, so I think when good service is received it's worth praising.

I had a major issues with a set of Fox Stalker digital scales (until the faults, I'd been very impressed with their quality and operation) which I'd bought back in January 2009.  They were technically out of their warranty period but these were not cheap scales and they had suffered what appeared to be a complete mechanical failure which rendered them useless.  Due to the nature of the fault I was requested to post the scales back to Fox for further investigation, last week.  Yesterday morning, I received a parcel in the post which contained a brand-new set of Stalker scales!  There were no quibbles whatsoever and I am very pleased with this outcome and the quality of customer service I received.  I think this offers peace of mind when looking for other big-ticket items in the future.

1 comment:

  1. I have also just recieved a replacement set of scales from Fox, FOC.
    My originals were maybe from the same batch as they were of a similar age

    Great customer service