Monday 7 November 2011

Predator Fishing Article - Zander, Pike & Eel - on FishingMagic

Just posted on FishingMagic today is an article about my recent predator session, where I managed to bag a trio of Pike, Eel and Zander, all after dark:

I was testing out a new specimen unhooking mat from Cyprinus and the review of this well-made mat is also on FishingMagic here:  Cyprinus Beanie Mat Review


  1. Beautiful fish. What's the light on your head? - looks pretty cool in a Terminator-ish sort of way!

  2. Thanks! The Terminator light is a Petzl Taktikka XP headlamp, which has interchangeable colour filters. I use the red because it gives a subtle light, far less likely to spook fish than a bright white one, yet red light improves mammals' night vision, so it lets me see better with the lamp on a lower power mode than I'd otherwise need. Here's the manufacturers website: