Wednesday 24 August 2011

Andrew Joins Fishing Magic as a Contributor!

"Do you remember that fishing blog we used to read?  It was alright, you know; nowt special but he could waffle..."
"Yeah, I know the one, but he's been a bit quiet of late..."

Okay, so this blog has started to gather cobwebs in recent months, but I'm back with a bit of news and plenty of waffle as usual.  I'm in an internet cafĂ© at the moment (yes they still exist!), so time is short, but I have plenty to write about as soon as I'm back at my own PC.  However, I thought this news was too good to hold back, so I'm sharing it now.  I've agreed to become a regular contributor of articles to Eurpoe's largest angling website,!  So far I've only written an introductory piece, which went live this week.  You can read it (and if you're an FM forum member, post your comments) at Andrew Kennedy's Intro on

Big thanks go out to Will Barnard and Ian Welch for having a bit of faith in me; I won't let you down fellas!

More from me soon, but for now, please head over to Fishing Magic and take a look at my intro, which details my life in angling so far.  While you're there, take a look at some of the other excellent new contributors, including Welchy himself, Steve Pope and Mark Barrett.

You can also now go straight to all of the articles & features I've done on fishing magic by following this link:

Are you a budding Angling Writer?  Do you have an article or two in you?  Would you like to get your work out there in front of the angling public and maybe win some free bait or even sponsorship from a fishing bait company?  If so, take a look at this great competition running now on FishingMagic:  FishingMagic's Search for a (Writing) Star Competition

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